Ren Awards

In order to promote the diffusion of the debate and research on issues related to Educational Neurosciences, the Conference Organizing Committee has foreseen the awarding of recognition for the best works published in the previous year on the topics covered by the conference.

A special commission will evaluate the submitted works, according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance for educational research
  • Contribution to the research progress and originality
  • Accuracy and content organization
  • Clarity and coherence of methodological approaches
  • Accuracy of quotations and of bibliography.

Those who will be present at the 2021 Conference with a presentation can take part to the rewarding process. They are supposed to send a pdf copy of their article, published in the previous year, to the following e-mail address, mentioning the reference of the publication.

The request to participate to the rewarding process has to be sent not later than March 6, 2022.