The Conference wants to provide a space for debate and discussion on neuroscience applied to teaching and, in general, to education in childhood and long-life learning. An increasing number of theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary research shows that neuroscience can support the development of new approaches and methodologies, facing emerging needs and the complexity of different environments.

The aim is to reflect on the contribution of neuroscience in the didactic-pedagogical field, considering the state of art and possible future scenarios.

Empirical evidence show that neuroscience can play an important role and provide useful information for reading didactics and learning processes in childhood with a new approach, as well as giving valid contributions in the construction of projects aimed to foster well-being in people in organizations and in recreational and cultural areas.

A scientific reflection on the practical use of empirical acquisitions is necessary, respecting individuality and models today in use.

The topics of the debate will be focused on the opportunity that neuroscience offer to read the educational and rehabilitative processes in contexts of diversity and deviance from a different point of view, as well as on embodiement and the close interrelation between body, mind and processes of knowledge and learning. Furthermore, reflections will be linked to new technologies as an integrated part of everyday social life, which represent an area of intercultural exchange for applications in the psychological and pedagogical fields

The conference will be organized into parallel sessions and symposium with different topics, based on the application of educational neuroscience to:

  1. School, University and Long-Life Learning
  2. Psycho-physical well-being, physical education, sports and embodiment
  3. Diversity, inclusion, marginality and deviance
  4. Digital technologies and robotics
  5. Social, cultural and recreational contexts.

A special issue of the Italian Journal of Health Education, Sport and  Inclusive Didactics will be published with all contributions presented during the conference.